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What is a Cycling GPS?

A cycling GPS is many things, just like a speedometer, you can track your speed, distance and time while out on the bike but you can also do so much more! 

Before you go out on a ride, program your route in and the GPS will guide you around either with a full “sat nav” style map or a dotted line.  You can even set a pacer so that you can be alerted when you’re going too fast/slow, or if it’s your regular training route, race against a previous performance.

The fun doesn’t stop on the road.  Once you get home you can upload to your PC detailed information on your performance, which you’ll be able to see on line graphs and in tables.  Ever get back from a ride not knowing where you lost time, now you’ll be able to see your performance across the whole ride rather than just an end result that speedometers offer.

Featured top models  

Best for features
Best value for money
Best all-rounder
Garmin Edge 705
Garmin Edge 205
Polar RS800CX

Cycling GPS

Here at Cycling GPS we know how hard it can be to buy a GPS, with many stores only carrying selected models and no clear comparisons available and we want to help!  At Cycling GPS You’ll find a detailed GPS Comparison chart to make your decision easy, the product pages give even more detail and some video demonstrations of them in use.   Finally each product page has a retailer price comparison so that you know you’re getting the best deal on the best product!


Our featured GPS systems:

1. Garmin Edge 705

Garmin Edge 705

2. Garmin Edge 605

Garmin Edge 605

3. Polar RS800CX

Polar RS800CX

4. Garmin Edge 205

Garmin Edge 205

5. Suunto X10

Suunto X10

6. Garmin Edge 305

Garmin Edge 305

7. Satmap Active 10 Plus

Satmap Active 10 Plus

8. Polar CS600X

Polar CS600X